Living With Fear

Have you ever been frustrated at something that seems to be all around you that you can’t do anything about?

That’s how I feel about fear. You see, I keep running into so many people who are owned by fear. What dictates their decisions or course of action is fear. Fear of enemies, fear of the future, fear of health, fear of culture, fear caused by insecurities and fear of not being in control. They are simply held captive.

Jesus spent so much of his time teaching us to not be afraid. He implored people to do the things that would vanquish fear — such as blessing our enemies, forgiving people, asking forgiveness, praying to God about worries and concerns, ordering our priorities and much more. Salvation and redemption, if nothing else, speak to God’s heart for setting captives free!

The funny thing about fear is that it is a weak bully. When it is confronted it will usually disappear. If only we would value freedom and peace of mind enough to confront our fears, admit our faults, make peace with our enemies and trust that God actually is in control!

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