What do you think?

With the launch of Antioch this Sunday I thought it would be a great time for some reader interaction!!

If you’re out there, leave a comment and let us know what you are most excited about with the birth of this church (whether you are near or far — new to Antioch or have been with us since the beginning.)

Who knows, I might even print out the comments and drop them into our history album.

I’ll start…

What excites me is the energy of a new beginning. They say that 70% of the fuel on the space shuttle gets burned up in the first mile of flight (breaking the inertia etc.) and starting a church has required all the energy that a large group of people could muster. And just like its a great feeling playing so hard on the football field that nothing is left, its great being able to give everything we’ve got to God and each other so that nothing is left. Like the Apostle Paul said… “being poured out like a drink offering…” and I’m loving every minute of it!

Your turn!!

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