The leadership at Antioch met Wednesday night for our monthly board meeting. It was one of the coolest meetings that I’ve ever attended.

What carried the meaning for me was the lengthy discussion we had around the word “Solidarity.”
Solidarity, as a word, came out of French back in 1841 and means “mutual responsibility.”
At our board meeting we talked about being family… being a body that is distinct from a business. We committed ourselves to each other accordingly. If one member suffers, the whole body suffers. Instead of seeing the economic issues as a problem, we began to see them as an opportunity — a defining moment in the history of Antioch in which we can be knitted into a much tighter community.
If we are able to grow stronger together in these times we’ll be able to look back years from now and see not only God’s grace, but the strength of character possessed by leadership.
Talk is cheap.
The blessing of difficult times is that they create opportunities for action — for real faith and real charity.
It begins with our mutual responsibility with and to each other. It begins with thinking sacrificially rather than defensively. It begins with faith instead of anxiety. It begins with a big God rather than a small God. It begins with us, unity and togetherness.
As far as team is concerned, it begins with solidarity.

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