The Justice Conference Recap

I’ve been buried and off the grid for the most part since this past weekend and The Justice Conference 2012. 

I had intended on doing some blogging and tracking a lot of what was said and done, but at this point I think it’s easiest to just spotlight a few friends who recapped the conference better than I ever could.

My favorite moment was when Dr. John M. Perkins (one of the Godfathers of justice and the church) called the church “a national security issue.” His point was that churches lead to healthy communities and healthy communities in the end lead to a healthy nation.  In short, the church is a national security issue.

Dr. Perkins also said he believed the reason God brought him to the conference was to say “Amen.” to what was taking place.  He sees justice being returned again to the church.

About as cool as it got for me.

Anyway, here are some great reviews and articles.

Karen Zacharias – Justice Conference 2012

Tim Hoiland – The Justice Conference, According to my Moleskin

Brian LePort – After the Justice Conference

Erin Vroom – The Justice Conference

Alex Murashko – Justice Conference: Social Action Essential Part of Gospel

Also, here’s a short recap video a church through together of their time at The Justice Conference.

We’ve got an official trailer coming soon, but in the meantime this one’s pretty cool.

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