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Editor’s Note: Scott Pentzer is the co-founder of Forgo. He and his family are a part of Antioch.

By Guest Blogger: Scott Pentzer

“What sorrow awaits you who are rich, for you have your only happiness now.
— Jesus (Luke 6:24)

For much of my life, I read this verse and others like it, believing it pertained to celebrities and magnates with exorbitant resources.   A trip to D.R. Congo and many sleepless nights made me realize it pertained to me.

I am among the 1-3% wealthiest persons of the world.  Not because of my income, but simply because I have a bed and access to clean water.  To realize I am just like the man to whom Christ spoke in Luke 6:24 is a horrible feeling.

When did retirement become one of life’s biggest goals?  When did comfort become the deciding factor in all major decisions?  What happened to living like foreigners in the land in which we live (1 Peter 2:11)?

I am guilty.

These are the thoughts that have invaded my head over the last three years.  I am tired of the game.  I’ve reached financial pinnacles.  And, I’ve recorded unrecoverable losses in recent years. I’ve found that neither plenty nor poverty – by American standards – have satisfied my soul.  But giving, in either financial condition, has set my heart free.

The Forgo application is built for the person who realizes that he is, in fact, a rich person. 

We are a group of men who believe God wants to use our collective gifts to do something for justice.  We debated ideas such as trips, raffles, donations and various other modern giveaways.  But God used a fireplace.

It all started when Darcy and I had planned on installing rock around our current fireplace.  We had met with contractors, received quotes and were ready to start the project.  Just prior to wiring the funds to the contractor, neither of us had peace about the decision to proceed. We knew God was using the fireplace to teach us something – something much larger than either of us realized.  Ultimately we re-routed the funds to an organization we were both passionate about, enabling the lives of others to be impacted in a meaningful way.  We didn’t dip further into our resources to make a donation: we had already virtually spent the money on a project.  Instead, we made a lifestyle decision to forgo the rock around our fireplace.

Simple lifestyle decisions to benefit others:  that’s what Forgo is about. 

This one divinely-inspired event – the fireplace decision – is the premise on which the Forgo technology is built, and serves as the benchmark for moving forward.

The Forgo technology provides a fork in the road for funds to be routed from something of temporary value to one with eternal impact

Forgo is simply technology, nothing more.  Its impact is up to God; our plans are 100% surrendered to His purposes.  Since launching in February of this year, we have prayerfully selected projects and organizations to support, whose values we share.  Forgo is focused on partnering with time tested organizations and projects that tackle issues of social justice that include, sex trafficking, clean water, orphan care and hunger.  Together, we’ll tackle these issues one lifestyle choice at a time.

We started this project to impact lives for Christ through social justice issues. It is the core of who we are and where we intend to go as group.  We will not gauge our success by the number of Forgoers, Facebook fans or even dollars given.  Our success will be found, instead, in the marriage of joyful giving and social justice done:  as we are released from the bonds of our consumerism, we will liberate others from the chains of poverty, hunger and trafficking.

The Forgo Project: check us out at 

Find us in iTunes at the end of September for the release of the Forgo App!

For Freedom, For Justice, Forgo


Scott Pentzer


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