Justice: A Prayer

We are in full swing for preparation for The Justice Conference 2013 in Philly.

I recently found a prayer I wrote for the very first conference back in 2011 in Bend, Oregon. It is so cool to think of all the things that have happened with The Justice Conference since our first year!

Here’s what I prayed as 1,000 people stood and read the prayer with me:

God – lead us this weekend to hear the cry of the vulnerable and oppressed
Lead us to care for the weak and needy
Lead us to see others as brothers and sisters
Help us appreciate goodness, to love simply and not hide hypocrisy with rhetoric

Let us embrace justice and mercy
Grant us humility
Supply us with enough faith to give our lives away
And bless us with strength when we grow weary

LORD, let the knowledge of your love;
Fuel our commitment
Inform our passions
Stir our gratitude
And help us transform the world

For you and your Glory – Amen.

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