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Shane says come!

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  1. Emily Jones says:

    Before the pre-conference, my daughter and I got a chance to tour around Philly. The idea of human equality & liberty… so radical and yet so basic to our human flourishing… The contradictions from the beginning of the ideal of “liberty & justice for all” are heartbreaking and are still with us.

    I left the pre-conference with the liberty bell & this quote ringing in my ears: “go back to the past to build the future.”

    As much as evangelicals are wanting to work toward a more just world, we still have some of our own internal work to do to truly work for justice for girls/women around the world. Women want and deserve more than benevolence. We have waited and watched and tried to work from within our tradition to create change but we are still fighting the same battles the suffragists did 80+ years ago! I know change is slow, but it is particularly slow when it comes to changing religious gender ideologies. Churches and individuals leading conferences like The Justice Conference should be a little further along than many are! What are the obstacles within our churches that are continuing to disempower females and create conditions where gender injustice and gender imbalance, as Mimi Haddad says, “are inevitable.”

    As male leaders of this amazing justice movement, what can you do to accelerate justice for girls/women and “drive a spoke into the wheel” of gender injustice which is creating so much gender-based violence in our world and keeping women in the back seats of our churches and our marriages.

    Really, women today want and deserve full unambiguous human equality, nothing less. How can you/we “go back to the past” to dig up and deal with the roots of gender injustice that caused so many Christians to wield their bibles against women’s suffrage and even today their full human agency, sovereignty, liberty & justice for all?

    “We’re not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, but drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”
    D. Bonhoeffer

    I left the Justice pre-conference with this quote ringing in my soul…

  2. Emily says:

    oops i didn’t include my email in my last postings!
    I met Ken at the dinner before the pre-conference and had a good, passion-filled conversation!

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