NEW: Master of Arts in Social Justice at Kilns College

So, this is one of the best press releases of the year!


Kilns College is excited to announce the launch of its first graduate program! Beginning Fall 2013 we will be offering a Master of Arts Degree in Social Justice. This one-year program is designed for individuals seeking careers in the nonprofit sector, ministry, or simply seeking a better understanding of justice in their careers and day-to-day living. The program is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community of entrepreneurs, theologians, social activists, advocates and leading thinkers in biblical and social justice.*

Admission Information

Application: The application deadline is May 1st. Application requirements include successful completion of an undergraduate program, letters of recommendation, personal statement, completion of the application form. Please note, we do not require the GRE for admission. For a full list of application materials and requirements please email Melissa McCreery.

Tuition: $237 per credit ($7,584 total)

(Scholarships and Financial Assistance: Multiple scholarship opportunities are available for entering students. Please e-mail Kilns College for more information.)

Listed below are a few course highlights. The full one-year curriculum will be posted online soon.

SJ 501a – Systematic Theology for Christian Social Justice: Part 1 (3 Credits)
The first module in a two-part course which is designed to introduce the classical topics in systematic theology as they provide the proper context in which to understand a uniquely Christian account of social justice. In the first part attention will be give to theological sources of knowledge, the development of Christology in the early Christological controversies, and the subsequent emergence of the doctrine of the Trinity. These doctrines will be related to the doctrine of reconciliation, forming the context in which to discuss the Christian mission of reconciliation as it relates to issues of social justice.

SJ 511 – A People’s History of Justice in the Modern Era (3 Credits)
The course will look at the topics of justice, injustice, human rights, politics and society from historical, theological and philosophical perspectives. This course will also pay special attention to developments in the modern era and the viewpoint of disenfranchised or oppressed peoples.

SJ 612 –Christian Ethics: Dietrich Bonheoffer and Soren Kierkegaard (3 credits)
This is a reading course in the ethics of two theologians. Close readings of primary sources will help to develop important interpretative reading skills in the subject area as well as give students a solid introduction to the thinkers that are featured. A short sequence of lectures will introduce methods and background information with the remaining majority of class meetings focused on discussions of the weekly reading assignments.

SJ 617 – Slavery: A History (3 credits)
The History of Slavery course at Kilns College is designed to expose students to the topic of slavery as it has existed in different periods: early, Roman, Christian, Middle Ages, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Modern and Sex Trafficking. Students will learn the both the differing and similar features to slavery, the advocacy movements against slavery, the psychological effects of slavery and how that interfaces with the concept of social death. Students will also develop a stance with regard to modern slavery.

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