Kilns Residence Week

Two weeks ago Kilns College kicked off the new distance learning program attached to the Master of Arts in Biblical and Social Justice with a one week “Residence Week” complete with tours around Bend, late nights and long conversations, and a class on Christian Mission, Race & Leadership taught primarily by Leroy Barber.

It was one of the most rewarding weeks in recent memory and I’m excited about the students—pastors, lawyers, publishers, missions workers, non-profit leaders from as far away as Toronto, Buffalo, and Cincinnati.

One of the things we try to do at Kilns College is to not exhaust one professor, but expose students to the best of many voices so they can gain context, perspective and insights that only multiple, unique voices can carry. As such, it was a blessing to see the class be able to interact with Leroy Barber in the class on Christian Mission, Race & Leadership and with Eugene Cho for a special event. Both recently launched new books  — Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White, —Who’s More Precious In God’s Sight?: A call for diversity in Christian missions and ministry and Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World?. Coincidentally, both books were recently listed in Relevant Magazine’s list of 9 Social Justice Books to Read this Fall. (Not too bad that our students were able to interact with two authors from this list!)

Below are a few of the pictures from Residence Week. I’m looking forward to seeing how this program can change lives both in Central Oregon and North America through the new distance program. For more information on the program, or to inquire about becoming a student, click here.

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