By Ken Wytsma

Kilns College was able to partner with The Voices Project—an initiative started by Leroy & Donna Barber— by hosting a retreat for the second time this weekend. These small gatherings, that we’re calling Breathe are opportunities to bring leaders of color in urban settings into a shared space for lament, healing, equipping and encouragement as they seek to promote reconciliation in their churches and communities from a Christian perspective.

True education isn’t simply a matter of content but also includes the personality and voice of the teacher, his or her life experiences and the unique, incarnational truth that each of us carry with regard to the issues we are acquainted with and most passionate about. The concept of The Voices Project and these retreats is to help promote and equip community leaders that need to gain broader exposure within the church, rather than the church always telling and teaching their stories and experiences for them.

Additionally, these retreats provide an opportunity for people who are passionate about race in America to serve others in tangible and practical ways that are needed. Far too often people feel either helpless or try to insert themselves in ways that aren’t helpful. But working to serve others through the context of a retreat (opening homes, raising funds, canvassing the community for donations of meals, etc) is a beautiful way in which we are able to truly bless one another. If you’re interested in future Breathe gatherings hosted by The Voices Project and Kilns College, email Leroy Barber.

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Ken Wytsma is a teacher, entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of The Justice Conference and president of Kilns College, as well as the author of Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things, The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of God and the Necessity of Faith, and Create vs. Copy:Embrace Change. Ignite Creativity. Break Through with Imagination.

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