Antioch Pastoral Residency Program

By Pete Kelley

Has God Called You to Pastoral Ministry?

What do you do when you sense God calling you into pastoral ministry, but then realize you don’t have the education, experience or training you need to pursue that calling?  Traditionally, enrolling in seminary has been the standard pathway to vocational ministry, but often times students graduate seminary with a solid grasp of biblical and theological knowledge, yet find themselves totally unprepared for the real-world challenges of leading, communicating and shepherding in the church.  The Antioch Pastoral Residency is designed as an alternative way to educate and equip aspiring pastors within the context of the local church.

An Innovative Approach to Training the Called

The Antioch Pastoral Residency is an immersive, multidimensional training experience for those preparing for vocational gospel ministry. The goal is that upon completing the program, residents will be theologically, spiritually and practically qualified to pursue God’s calling into pastoral ministry.  Therefore, the residency is built upon a “three-legged” approach to training:

Education:  Engaged Minds

Take classes towards a Master of Arts in Innovation and Leadership at Kilns College.  This is a 32-credit program that focuses both on a theological perspective and on the discernment and application of personal strengths and calling.  You can choose from a wide variety of core and elective classes.

Mentoring:  Transformed Hearts

Receive mentoring in the areas of self-discovery, spiritual formation, and discerning your gifts and calling through weekly mentoring meetings, reading and writing projects, and practical ministry challenges.  (This portion of the residency qualifies as a 2-credit course each semester at Kilns.)

Ministry Experience:  Competent Hands

Develop your ministry skills through practical pastoral work in the context of the local church.  Each resident is entrusted with the shepherding and leadership of a significant area of ministry within our church.  This ministry experience will be determined based on both the church’s needs and your gifts, calling and capacity.

A Custom-Built Experience

The length of the residency, hourly commitment, ministry workload and financial aspect of the program are all hand-crafted based on the life-stage, education level and employment status of each resident.  We are committed to creating a residency experience that is right for you.

Ready to Find Out More?

To learn more about the program and figure out if it’s a good fit for you at this time, email me for more information.

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Pete Kelley is a fourth-generation pastor who serves as Associate Pastor at Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon. He is passionate about equipping Christ’s church to experience and live out the good news of the kingdom in their daily lives. Pete and Jenn, his wife of 10 years, enjoy life in Oregon with their three young children: Emma, Moses and Myla.

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