Create vs. Copy
Embrace Change. Ignite Creativity. Break Through with Imagination.
  • “Do you want to be a creator? If so, Ken Wytsma is the guide you need to the true heart of leadership and influence. Create vs. Copy is the gold standard for inspiring leaders to make their mark.”

    Claire Diaz-Ortiz, author, speaker, Silicon Valley innovator

  • Create vs. Copy masterfully articulates the nuanced realities of creativity through the lens of theology and practice. Ken rightly compels us to embrace the redemptive purpose and power of creativity in a world that desperately longs for its presence.”

    Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation and author of Good Idea. Now What?

  • “Ken is one of the most creative guys I know, and he’s written another terrific book–this time about the power of our imaginations to shape our lives, our world, and our faith.”

    Bob Goff, author, Love Does, founder, Restore International

  • “Creating is one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves and for this world. Yet it is inherently difficult. Ken walks with us in this tension, helping us recognize our own creative spirit and honor the creative spirit of others, so we can better lead, love, parent, play, and exercise the Spirit of God in us. We need this book.”

    Allison Vesterfelt, author, Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage

  • “To call Create vs. Copy a ‘how-to’ book would be erroneous but rather, this is a much needed book that will inspire imagination and creativity that will ultimately impact our spirituality, leadership, and daily living.”

    Eugene Cho, founder, One Day’s Wages, Author, Overrated

  • In Create vs. Copy Ken brings his unique integrationist approach straight to the heart of leadership and influence in a way that is sure to reform leader toolkits across may platforms and excite a generation of would-be leaders to lean heavy into their imaginations and creativity as they breathe life into the world.”

    Leroy Barber, cofounder of The Voices Project and author of Everyday Missions

  • “Create vs. Copy will electrify our imaginations, as it challenges us to new, redemptive ways of seeing and tears us toward the flourishing that God intends for the world.”

    C. Christopher Smith, coauthor of Slow Church and founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books.

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Chapter Resources

Ch. 2

1. 10 Ways to Be More Creative 

2. 3 Prayers for Trusting God in Times of Struggle 

3. Raising Creative and Confident Children

Ch. 3

1. VIDEO: Humility and Art 

2. VIDEO: The Congo Benefit Project 

3. Blog Interview: Wynand de Kock 

Ch. 5

1. Book interview with Walter Brueggemann on The Prophetic Imagination and Sabbath as Resistance 

2. 10 Ways to Be More Creative 

3. Book interview with Jerry Root, the C.S. Lewis scholar behind The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis (co-authored with Mark Neal). 

Ch 6.

1. Contemporary Trends in Education

2. Why distance education makes further schooling worth considering

3. 3 TED Talks on the Science of Creativity 

Ch. 7

1. 5 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Startup

2. 5 Ways to Increase Creativity in Parenting, by Tamara Wytsma

3. 3 Books on Intentional Living 

Ch. 8

1. 3 Traits of Collaborative People

2. How to Grow through Failure

3. The Forgotten Art of Hospitality

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