Pursuing Justice
The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things
  • “Justice has become trendy. Ken Wytsma’s Pursuing Justice avoids all the pitfalls of trendiness. It exhibits a deep and accurate understanding of the nature of justice. It is an eye-opener.”

    –NICHOLAS WOLTERSTORFF, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale University

  • “Ken is a fresh voice of balance, humility, and collaboration. His enthusiasm is contagious and his challenge to the church to not only do justice, but to learn to do it well, is commendable.”

    –KEITH WRIGHT, International President of Food for the Hungry

  • “Ken Wytsma’s Pursuing Justice will rattle you. Not since C. S. Lewis put down his pen have readers been so provoked to think. It will change the way you approach others.”

    –KAREN SPEARS ZACHARIAS, Author of A Silence of Mockingbirds and Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? 

  • “Ken Wytsma not only brings us back to a biblical understanding of justice, but also humbly calls us to pursue it in practice. I was both enlightened and motivated.”

    –RANDAL ROBERTS, President of Western Seminary, Portland, OR

  • “In Pursuing Justice, Ken is at the cutting edge of where God’s heart is. This book is timely and needs to be read by everyone in the church.”

    –JOHN M. PERKINS, Civil Rights Leader

  • “Ken’s book will serve as an important guide as the global justice movement matures from sensation-driven reactions into transformational pursuit.”

    –BETHANY H. HOANG, Director of the International Justice Mission (IJM) Institute for Biblical Justice

  • Ken Wytsma, Founder of The Justice Conference and President of Kilns College, talks about the chapter “Compassion Can Kill” in his upcoming book Pursuing Justice. He describes how we can actually do more harm than good if we don’t educate ourselves and apply wisdom to the way we do justice work.

  • Ken Wytsma, Founder of The Justice Conference and President of Kilns College, talks about the way we tend to view justice in the U.S. and how no single political party ‘owns’ justice