The Myth of Equality
Is privilege real or imagined? It's clear that issues of race and equality have come to the forefront in our nation's consciousness. Every week yet another incident involving racial tension splashes across headlines and dominates our news feeds.
  • Ken Wytsma is a white evangelical man from a conservative white evangelical world, and he is doing his homework on race. I’ve witnessed Ken’s journey toward deeper understanding of the construct of race, its impact on individuals and communities of color, and what redemption requires. I’ve witnessed the wrestling and the transformation as aha moments have moved him into deeper love, more solid commitment, and earnest work toward the healing of our world. Through The Myth of Equality, Wytsma offers a peek at his homework. But this is no cheat sheet. It’s a journal of discoveries shared with humility, grace, and unrelenting commitment to truth.

    Lisa Sharon Harper, chief church engagement officer, Sojourners, author of The Very Good Gospel

  • One of the greatest obstacles to the journey toward racial justice and reconciliation within the US church is the refusal of white Christians to confront the realities of white supremacy and white privilege. Here, Ken Wytsma comes alongside white Christians to help them tackle this issue, not from the perspective of a distant expert, but as one who continues to wrestle with how privilege and racism impact his own discipleship journey. Rooted in Scripture, history, and personal experience, The Myth of Equality is a valuable primer for anyone struggling to understand racism and privilege.

    Chanequa Walker-Barnes, associate professor of practical theology, McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, author of Too Heavy a Yoke

  • This book is truly amazing! Ken tackles the essentials of a major issue of our times with humility, honesty, intellect, and vulnerability. The result is a terrible beauty, a true invitation to come to terms with our own capacity for harm and good―leading us toward change and the hope of a generation reconciled. If you are perplexed about racial tension in this country, read this book. If you are worried about your complicity because of the color of your skin, read this book. If you feel ill equipped to speak about this issue, read this book. If you aren’t sure what your faith requires of you in this space, read this book. Honestly, read this book. It’s important.

    Danielle Strickland, social justice secretary, The Salvation Army, USW

  • “White privilege is a subject that few dare to tackle. I applaud Ken for venturing into this rough terrain. Ken’s historical approach to white privilege drives the conversation deeper and challenges readers to move beyond a political perspective, toward a kingdom view. His personal journey keeps it grounded in reality. A much needed book for our times.”

    Leroy Barber, The Voices Project

  • “Ken Wytsma goes where few dare to tread. He asks hard questions about race, justice, and equality and presents proven and practical solutions. Above all, Ken personifies these solutions; he is seeking to live justice, not just do it. The message in The Myth of Equality is urgent; it’s a must-read.”

    Stephan Bauman, former president and CEO of World Relief, author of Break Open the Sky

  • With great sensitivity, wisdom, and boldness, Ken takes on the tough, often-taboo topics of privilege and race. He makes a cogent, powerful, and compelling argument for why addressing race and understanding privilege allows us to more fully live out the gospel. He boils down complicated concepts to relatable points through his interweaving of scholars’ writings, activists’ thinking, historical realities, and personal stories. His humility and posture of learning from others, particularly people of color, make this book an authentic, effective tool for followers of Christ taking seriously the call to pursue justice. This book is needed, timely, and will help reshape the conversation around race in America.

    Jenny Yang, vice president of advocacy and policy, World Relief

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