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Alexia on Educating Around Immigration

Below is a short video of my friend Alexia Salvatierra who works with the Lutheran Synod as well as World Vision on Immigration and Community Organizing on how to educate around immigration.

Take four minutes to get to know one of the most joy filled people I know and engage a topic near to God’s heart.

How do I talk to skeptics about immigration reform? from :redux on Vimeo.


Justice and Immigration

Click on the image below to check out the excerpt from Pursuing Justice up on the Huffington Post.  Controversial subject… much in need of discussion, humility and compassion.


I Was a Stranger

Check out the video below produced by the Evangelical Immigration Table founded by some of my friends including, Matthew Soerens, Jenny Yang and Alexia Salvatiera.

Watch the video and make sure to look into the I Was a Stranger Challenge.

Immigration is a spiritual, as well as political, issue.

I Was A Stranger from G92 on Vimeo.


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Christians and Immigration

What is the Christian response to immigration issues? from :redux on Vimeo.


Laura and Refugees

I’m pretty proud of my big sister, Laura.

Laura is a Partner at Loeb & Loeb in Hollywood and has done some amazing award-winning pro bono work for asylum seekers and refugees over the years.

The other day, the Associated Press wrote a story using Laura and another lawyer to talk about the court system as it relates to refugees and immigrants.

It was a syndicated article so it was picked up by newspapers all over the country – pretty cool stuff!!

Click on the picture below to read the article on MSNBC (Laura’s the one on the left ;)


Some colleagues of mine at World Relief have recently begun a new initiative called aims to bring the conversation about the Christian faith as it relates to immigration to younger evangelicals.

It’s pretty thought provoking and worth the time to explore…

You can click the image below to check out a profound blog post by Matthew Soerens called, The Parable of the Good “Illegal”?


Matthew Soerens

World Relief immigration expert, Matthew Soerens, fielded well over a dozen questions at Redux a week ago on immigration and refugee resettlement.

I recommend watching as many of these as you can – they are a wealth of good information and clear and concise answers on a very difficult topic from a compassionate Christian perspective.

You can see his videos here:


Welcoming the Stranger

I missed seeing this talk on Immigration from a Christian perspective at Antioch yesterday.

Matthew Soerens is a colleague of mine at World Relief and an expert on Immigration and Refugees.

Heard it was good!!

Welcoming the Stranger from Antioch Church on Vimeo.


On Immigration

Below is a video clip from Redux this last week on Immigration.

Yesterday, during meetings at World Relief in Baltimore, I heard a presentation from one of World Relief’s leaders on Refugees and Immigration.  I highly recommend picking up Welcoming the Stranger by Jenny Hwang and Matthew Sorens.

Immigration from :redux on Vimeo.


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