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Micah Bournes at #Justice2013

Check out the piece on Rosa Parks titled, “An Unlikely Candidate,” Micah Bournes performed at this year’s conference the opening night immediately following my session.

One of my new all time favorites and it captured so beautifully one of the themes of the conference: justice is less about being a hero, more about being faithful.


Top 10 Reasons I’m Counting Down to The 2013 Justice Conference

Guest Blog by Melissa McCreery

Since being hired at Kilns College, I’ve had the awesome opportunity—blessing, really—to be a small part of The Justice Conference. It’s truly amazing to see the conference staff, Kilns students, and countless (seriously, countless) volunteers come together to pull off this awesome event.  I’ve honestly found it difficult to sleep all week because The Justice Conference is in Philadelphia this weekend. Here are my top 10 reason why I’ve been looking forward to this event all year!

1.     It’s the single event where thousands of people who care about justice gather together. That’s a lot of awesome people in one place!

2.     Kilns College co-sponsors the event with World Relief so I get to spend 48 hours meeting people and talking about Kilns College and why it’s a place that’s revolutionizing higher education. If you’re coming to the conference come check out the Kilns table and say hi!

3.     Micah Bournes will be performing. This guy is seriously talented!

4.     You get the opportunity to meet representatives from hundreds of nonprofit organizations

5.     I was honored to ask to speak during a pre-conference session. If you’ll be at the pre-conference check out my session on education! While you’re at it, check out all the pre-conference sessions on The Justice Conference website

6.     My dear friend Erin Lytle is Director for this conference and works tirelessly 365 days a year to make it an awesome experience for all the attendees, exhibitors and speakers.

7.     This year’s conference is in Philly! After living for a few years in New England, I’m excited to be back on the East Coast, even if just for a few days.

8.     It’s a great networking event!

9.     Kilns College President Ken Wytsma’s new book Pursuing Justice will be available at the conference bookstore

10.  This year, Kilns College has a HUGE announcement to make at the conference… can’t wait to share it with everyone!



Thank God for Evolution

Micah Bournes was in town this weekend to be at Antioch and to shoot a few video projects.

In honor, I thought I’d post my favorite Micah piece a few friends shot at the Elmina Slave Fortress in Ghana when we had the opportunity to travel there a little over a year ago.

Here it is:

Thank God For Evolution from The Justice Conference on Vimeo.



Here’s a recent spoken word piece from Micah Bournes “On Life.”  (more…)


Thank God for Evolution

Here’s the video Micah, Jerod and Eli shot at the Elmina Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana when we were there last November.

This video was shown at the 2012 conference in Philly and released on the DVD that World Relief sponsored for Micah, which also released at The Justice Conference.

Pretty powerful stuff… check it out!

Thank God For Evolution from The Justice Conference on Vimeo.


I am not the future.

Micah did this piece a while back at Antioch, but we kept the video private until his CD released this last week at The Justice Conference.

Here is “I am not the future.”

Micah Bournes :: I Am Not the Future from Antioch Church on Vimeo.


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Micah’s CD Release

This Sunday is the CD Release Party for Micah’s new EP.

I got a few pre-release copies yesterday and the kids have been listening to Christian rap for 12 hours straight – funny in some respects ;)

Excited to see how God is blessing Micah and using his talents in so many ways.

Here’s my favorite piece Micah has ever done – an amazingly creative spoken word on the relation between God and love.

Micah Bournes :: Spoken Word from Antioch Church on Vimeo.


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