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So this is pretty funny!!

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Good Problem to Have

What do you call too many people trying to do too many missions projects all at one time?

A good problem to have…

(I wouldn’t trade the people of Antioch for anything)


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Art Sunday

This Sunday is our second shot at “Art Sunday.” The halls and lobby of the school will be filled with art from artists in the Antioch community. All of it will be for sale with the proceeds going to missions projects.

We’ll also use this Sunday as an opportunity to talk about Africa and our commitment in Uganda. Courtney will be interviewing Dan and Tambry Brose about their time as missionaries in Burundi and their knowledge of Africa, its history and needs as the International Directors for World Relief.

We’ll also be sharing about the upcoming trip in February to Bukwo in Uganda to further a partnership with a local church and begin a child sponsorship program.

It should be a pretty fun and informative morning all around!!

P.S. Below are some pictures of the team that is leaving in February

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I’m cold

It’s like 50 degrees in our office…

Have you ever felt like you just needed to whine and complain to feel better? :)

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Justin & Trisha Lavik

Here is Kim’s little interview / writeup on Justin and Trisha Lavik!! Justin arrives tomorrow night.

Welcome Justin Lavik!

Justin is our new Worship Pastor! He will be with us starting January 20th! His wife Trish will follow a few months afterward. We are so excited to have them! Below is just a few questions they answered so we could get to know them better!


Where are you from: Redmond, WA originally, been in So Cal since 1994.

Family Stats: Wife Trisha, married for 5.5 years, 2 girls Madalyn 4 and Andra 1.

What do you currently do for a living: I own a residential real estate company, and lead worship at my church.

What is it about Antioch you are most excited for: I am excited about getting to be part of what God is doing there!!

What do you do for fun: I hang out with my crazy little girls, watch movies with my wife and friends, mountain bike!


What is your idea of the perfect day: Hmmm, Sleeping in (i love to sleep which isn’t very possible having a 3 and 1 yr. old), having crepes or one of Justin’s omelets ( i love breakfast-my favorite meal), go for a walk or run, have time to read my bible and pray, and have an awesome day with the girls never having to discipline Madalyn (the strong-willed one!), but have her say “yes mommy I would love to!”

Was it love at first sight for you and Justin: I had a crush on Justin for a long time, along with 20 other girls at Biola! The first time I saw him, he was playing his trumpet for chapel, I didn’t know his name so I referred to him as “hot trumpet guy” to my friends. A year later Justin took a math class and the book he bought happened to be mine from the previous year. He used it as an excuse to introduce himself. After that , I would just happen to be studying in-front of the music building. In a long story short he asked me out to coffee and I avoided him. It freaked me out that he was older and graduating and I had just started walking with the Lord again, so I ran the other way. He graduated and moved and we hadn’t seen each other for 2 years. Through a friend we got reconnected my senior year and we were married a year later. After Justin graduated we both never expected to run into each other again, goes to show that God has His perfect timing and will drop that perfect person back into your life when you are ready and won’t run the other way!

What was your proudest moment: Meeting my two girls for the first time!! Oh, and last week when Justin decided to grow his hair out, rather than do his military cut that I can’t stand!

Antioch 2007 Video

Here is the “year in review” video.

The Family Camp bits make me wish it was summer :)

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New Worship Pastor

The elders announced to the congregation yesterday about Justin Lavik, the new Worship Pastor who will be starting this Friday at Antioch.

Justin is married and has two daughters. Their family is currently living in San Clemente, California.

Justin will be moving up ahead of his family (as they stay until some details are wrapped up), but they should all be up here for a visit in February, at which time we will have a reception so that everyone can get to know them better.

I’m pretty stoaked to have Justin join the team as he will bring a lot of energy to many areas (not just worship).

Kim is going to do a little writeup of the family with a picture in this week’s Antioch e-newsletter… I’ll try and copy it into the blog when it comes out.

Lot’s of good things to come!!!


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Sermon Biography Series

This will be the second year in a row that I’ve worked on a “Sermon Biography Series” in January.

The big idea is to spend two weeks on the life and times of someone in Church History. The first week allows us to look at our own culture through the lens of a different time period. The second week is a deeper look at invididuals and how they worked out their Christian faith in the context of the their times.

Starting this Sunday we’ll be looking at Francis Schaeffer by discussing the cultural context inside and outside the church during the later part of the 20th Century.

I’m having a blast piecing it together… which is helped a ton by Gary’s sermon artwork!!

Uganda in February

Things in Uganda are a bit precarious because of the turmoil in neighboring Kenya. Kenya is living through a nightmare as the results of the recent Presidential election are in dispute (something that is unfortunately all too familiar in Africa where almost no leaders allow themselves to be voted out once in power).

Anyway, Uganda is landlocked by Kenya so they are dependent on supplies that have to pass through Kenya. On last report, Uganda was below a week’s supply of gasoline.

A group from Antioch (myself, Aaron Wells, Beth Fischer, Benjamin Edwards, John & Lori Courtney and Kim Hunt) are scheduled to leave for Uganda on February 18th.

As a result of a pretty silly British Airways policy that flights cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason… it looks like we’re going to Uganda in February no matter what.

Hopefully things will have settled down a bit by then, but either way I’m excited to get back over there and have some of the meetings that are scheduled.

I just confirmed a meeting with a pastor from Burundi named Emmanuel who will be coming up to meet me in Kampala. Emmanuel runs a Bible College in his country that Antioch might partner with through the Bible College (High Desert Christian College) that was recently given to us. It is pretty cool to see some puzzle pieces fall into place even though it’s not the best of conditions.

Anyway, few of us know what it’s like to live in such a charged and dangerous atmosphere so make sure to keep praying for Kenya and other parts of Africa that are unstable…

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Killer New Website!!

Check out the killer new Compassion & Advocacy website that Courtney, Gary and Esther worked on while I was in Uganda.

It’s not completely finished, but it still looks great and has tons of good info!!

Children’s Ministry Workday

This last Saturday we had the first (of probably many) children’s ministry workdays.

It was a blast!!

The team built sets, portable bookshelves for the book ministry and other things to move ministries forward.

Thanks to Mark & Suzi Wells for the generous use of their workshop and to all the time they put into the projects.

All I contributed was “the largest order in the last 5 months” at Wendy’s (according to the 20 year old guy working the window who kept laughing at me).

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Rick McKinley

Really enjoyed Rick’s message this morning.

He is as authentic a guy as there is and I’m glad it came across in his talk.

Click here to see the webcast.


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Upcoming Sundays

Someone asked me in a comment on the blog when we’re going to talk about the February Uganda trip etc. It’s a good question. I also think it makes for a good opportunity to share what’s coming up at Antioch on Sunday mornings.

This Sunday, Rick McKinley from Imago Dei in Portland, will be joining us. If you’ve ever heard Rick speak you’ll realize how much of a treat this is!!

Starting on January 13th, we’ll be doing a two week series that we do every year called “The Sermon Biography Series.” This year we’ll be looking at the life and times of Francis Schaeffer.

On January 27th, we’re having another “Art Sunday” and the message will be focused on Africa and Uganda. We will be sharing what Antioch will be doing in Uganda and why we feel it is valuable and strategic. It’ll also be a chance to talk about my trip in December and the upcoming Antioch trip in February.

I’m excited about the beginning of February because we’ll be looking at the parables of Christ. After that we’ll move into a book study of 1 Peter starting on Easter Sunday. I can’t wait to dive into some of these texts as a church community!!!

The study on 1 Peter should take us a long way into the summer. (Speaking of summer, I can’t wait till Family Camp again this August. I want my girls to grow up with memories of the same sights and smells every year!! Have you seen the video on YouTube?)

All in all, I think there’s a lot of neat stuff coming up :)


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Tough Call

The last two days have been rough.

Yesterday I had to make a tough call and cut our Uganda team in half for the upcoming trip in February.

I’m not too big on backtracking or giving bad news to some great people.

In the end, however, we are committed to being responsible and strategic in our involvement in Uganda. The team needed to be trimmed down so that the trip can be more focused and because of some safety and logistical concerns.

I learned a bunch of things in the process… one of which is the caliber of people who where scheduled to go on this trip. Every single one was mature and gracious.

Hopefully in the future we won’t have to backtrack and change plans on people… I don’t like how it feels.


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The Drive to Summit

Kip’s been at it again!!

Congradulations Linda!!

Linda, Antioch’s Middle School Director (and close personal friend), got engaged last night on New Year’s Eve to her boyfriend Travis at just past midnight.

The whole clan jumped in the car this morning when we heard the news and went down to Starbucks where Linda was working to see the ring and hear the story… Mary Joy and Esther even had to make special drawings for Linda before we left. Sara, of course, had no clue what was going on, but really enjoyed the muffin and all the excitement anyway :)

Congradulations Linda!!


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Tamara’s Photography

Here are some pictures Tamara took of the girls for Christmas. She’s a pretty amazing photographer!!! (And, yes, I’m biased :)

If you haven’t seen her stuff yet… check out her photography business / web site

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Wants & Needs

Tonight I spent a long time trying to explain the difference between wants and needs to my oldest daughter.

I don’t think she got it.

She was very emotional and intently focused on what she wanted (a blankie to sleep with because her sister had just gotten a new one).

Upon reflection, I think that maybe this is how most of our conversations go with God. We go to him when we are emotional and intently focused rather than when we are objective and able to listen. Instead of seeking solitude (when we’re level-headed) we wait until there is a crisis in our life (when we are unstable).

The very words or deeper understanding that we need when life is upside-down is the very words or knowledge that probably can only be heard when life is not upside-down.

I feel strongly that we often run our spiritual life the way we run our day to day lives… reacting and responding to whatever is urgent. We don’t live in a culture that easily sets goals and priorities and sticks to them… we are always “tyrannized by the urgent.”

Somehow, however, we need to find the motivation and the strength to pursue God regularly rather than from crisis to crisis.

There are a lot of great books out there on the topic, such as The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer, Hearing God by Dallas Willard, Wasting Time with God by Klaus Issler, Celebration of the Disciplines by Richard Foster, True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer and on and on.

The real point, though, is that we have to chart a course for spiritual growth. We have to take ownership of our own spiritual maturity and begin a journey of a thousand miles whether someone is walking with us, leading us or encouraging us. It is not dependent on others… it depends on us.

If there is any prayer that I would have in 2008 for Antioch, it would be that the men and women of our community would take ownership of their relationship with God and begin laboring over their own prayer lives and devotional lives regardless of what Antioch is or isn’t doing.

Nothing can make a bigger difference than the individual spiritual growth of those of us who call ourselves “Christians.”

And tomorrow I plan on picking up the conversation with my daughter again when the blankie has been forgotten… likewise, maybe God is waiting to pick up a conversation with us again when our emotions have subsided.

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