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7 Layer Dip

I remember someone once telling me that they thought when God works in things that it is like a 7 Layer Dip.

The idea is that He is not just doing one simple thing, but that when he moves it is complex, layered and deep.

I think I agree… When we act there is usually one outcome. When God acts, it seems, there is a myriad of outcomes.

He is like a conductor who with one wave of a hand brings in an entire orchestra… many diverse instruments all working in harmony and all from one simple act of the conductor.

What do you think?


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If you haven’t ever seen it, Antioch has a pretty cool web site for its kids ministry.

There’s still plenty more to do to get it all the way ship shape, but it is definitely worth checking out.!!


Some times there are cool things… and sometimes there are HUGE things.

Last night I received confirmation of a HUGE thing that has been in the works for a while.

Below is the statement that the Leadership Board of World Relief approved yesterday.

“WR as an organization has given approval to its International Director (Brose) to work in conjunction with Antioch Church in Bend to explore, brainstorm and experiment with new models and ideas for collaboration between missional churches, WR and international fields. The project has the rights and privileges stated above and will report ideas and findings to WR at specified dates.”

In essence, World Relief has sanctioned Antioch to work in conjunction with Dan Brose (The World Relief International Programs Director) as a “research and development” project for World Relief as an organization.



For what it’s worth… I like chocolate chip cookies — the kind that are greasy and filled with tons of chocolate (no white chocolate allowed!!)

Outside of that, dessert really means nothing to me :)

Fast Pass

Part II of the Fast Pass Class tonight… Can’t wait!!

I always love sharing the vision of Antioch!!

Reliving the 80′s

Nothing like reliving the 80′s!!!

About a dozen guys from church (of all ages) are headed to see the Rambo movie this afternoon…

Now that is my idea of “Men’s Ministry” :)

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Rick’s Blog

Just a quick recommendation…

I think Rick Gerhardt, who is an elder at our church and the Director of Apologetics, is one of the clearest and most concise writers I’ve ever known.

He blogs regularly… if you like thinking and learning, make sure to bookmark his blog and check it regularly :)

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Like my dad

Have you ever had that realization the older you get that you are more like your parents than you thought?

My sister sent me an e-mail today saying that she is a lot like dad (in reference to one of his primary virtues).

I’ve been having the same experience lately about feeling “like dad.”

Here’s my list: I like quiet now (even though I always craved crowds and people), I listen to soft and relaxing music (pretty big change from The Grateful Dead that I listened to in college), I like to unwind in the evenings and sometimes watch a little tv (I always remember my dad falling asleep on the couch in the evenings)… anyway, the list could go on.

We spend most of our early lives fighting to be unique only to realize later that we’re a lot like those around us. It’s kind of like pulling on rubber… it’s a lot of work and it will just go back to the original shape when you stop and take a breath.

There’s a lot more uniformity in this world than I think we realize.

I kind of hope that it holds true in the spiritual world too and that someday I’ll find out that I’m a little more like The Heavenly Father than I think I am.

Just thinking…


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We’ve been dealing all week with the final planning for our Africa trip later this month.

It’s the craziest bit of logistical meanuvering that I’ve ever been a part of (we’ve had to react to a lot of changes due to instability and safety on the Uganda / Kenya border etc.)

It’d take me an hour to write down all the pieces, but I’ll try to put down the cliff notes version when it is all finalized!!

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Have you ever…

Have you ever felt like God was trying to talk to you, but that you couldn’t figure out what He is saying?

I’ve felt like that the last couple of weeks.

It’s a weird place to be. On the one hand you are excited thinking that the God of the universe has something to say directly to you (pretty cool!!) and on the other hand you have the frustration of being in a fog and thinking that you must be an idiot to have such a hard time understanding.

Anyway, I think that prayer often times looks a lot like the mom who is teaching her toddler how to walk… standing just out of reach as the little tike stumbles awkwardly forward.


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Fast Pass

There were around 40 people at the first Fast Pass Class last night. I was pretty amazed.

My biggest challenge right now is trying to find ways to get so many people connected at Antioch.

If you’d like to help… I could sure use it!!

e-mail me at if you would like to help with small groups, ushers, greeters, Sunday set up, Children’s Ministries, hospitality, volunteer placement ministries or anything else that will help in getting people plugged into the church :)

So Cal

So this is how Justin (Antioch’s new Worship Pastor) showed up to go skiing at Bachelor on Sunday… in flip flops!

Kim, Tamara, the Hardin’s and I had a pretty fun time watching him try to put his boots on while standing in 4″ of snow with bare feet :)


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It seems that Uganda is safe as a country (despite the violence in Kenya) except for one region – the region that we are scheduled to go to later in February.

Bukwo is overrun by Kenyan refugees; and now, in addition, there is a tribal war breaking out in the Mt. Elgon region of the Kapchorwa and Bukwo districts.

It looks like there might be more changes to the trip we’ve got scheduled…

What a crazy adventure!

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Snow Day

So today was my daughters first “snow day” where school was cancelled (it snowed 8 inches last night).

I think it’s a milestone…

Bukwo Video

Here is Bukwo.

Bukwo is where I went in December and where we are returning in February.

The people dancing with branches are the church that Antioch is going to partner with. The pastors interviewed are the pastors we are partnering with. The people and places are what we are falling in love with.


I was praying in my study this morning and my oldest daughter Mary Joy came in terrified because of a nightmare about monsters.

Have you ever thought about monsters?

I don’t know what Freud would say, but it seems like everything scary in this world is a twisted picture of what is whole and complete. A monster is a perversion of a good creature or human being… an evil person is a corrupt version of a human being… a deranged person is a sick version of a human being. Bad often seems to be the deficiency or brokenness of what is good.

This is a lot like St. Augustine’s view of evil. Augustine believed that bad didn’t exist as an independent entity. Rather, his view was that bad or evil is the absence or twisting of good.

On this view, spiritual growth or sanctification means the unbending and becoming of what is already latent potential through the work of the Holy Spirit. Becoming like Christ means becoming what God originally intended for men and women before sin corrupted our nature.

I don’t think that this is how we usually approach spiritual growth. I believe that we approach sanctification 3 dimensionally rather than spiritually. We run from monsters that we think exist. We run from people who threaten. We run from situations that scare us. We hide (much like Adam and Eve hid in the garden).

We think we can move, evade and find space in order to be spiritual. We think that the bad things are “out there” – thus the 3 dimension approach to growth.

Whether Augustine was right or wrong about evil, it seems like we may be able to learn a little about spirituality through his views… that we need to irrigate the arid places of our own souls and that we need to spend time with God so that he can straighten out our inner tangles. That the monsters we see are often just pointers to the reality that the things of this world need to be sanctified and remade.

Maybe there was a hint of all this thinking in the things I whispered to my daughter as I rocked her in the Lazy Boy… “Mary Joy, you are so very special and I love you.”

I didn’t whisper to her about the reality of monsters and that they couldn’t reach her; rather, I whispered to her about the reality of good and that she could reach it.

The Problem of Evil

I gave a talk this last Wednesday at the local Apologetics Guild meeting.

It was a ton of fun and sparked some good follow up discussion.

You can catch the audio at the following link:

Antioch Staff Meetings

The Antioch Staff just finished two days of meetings together to look at structure, vision, ministry, programs, job descriptions and a host of other things.

I’d have to say that it was one of the most profitable times that I’ve ever had with a group or team.

The funny thing is that some of the most productive discussions followed from arguments. I don’t know about you, but I think that there should be more expressed disagreement face to face. When we talk about differences of opinion with each other we often work through to a better solution and a more authentic foundation for our relationships. On the other hand, when we disagree without communicating face to face it leads to gossip, judgment and criticism.

I love that the Antioch team not only knows how to laugh well… they know how to disagree well.

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