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3 Weeks

It’s 3 weeks from today till I head to Uganda… can’t wait :)

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Letting Go of the Past

I had a long talk with a very good friend today.

She’s not only good as in “a close friend”… she’s also good as in “wise” and “mature”.

Anyway, there were several points in the conversation where I was talking about things, people and places from where I used to live. She knows those things, people and places. And she called me on my attitude several times over.

It’s funny, as I get older and as I receive more criticism (believe it or not, there are critical people in churches)… I am getting better at accepting the things that are true.

My friend criticized me in the right way… the way that is gentle and holds a mirror to yourself so that you can see the truth.

I finally cut off the conversation and said, “I think you’re helping me realize that there are some things that I need to get over and some things that I need to forgive so that I can let go and move on.”

It’s funny how we have buttons that we don’t even know are there… We all have things that we need to “let go of” or forgive.

Today was a good reminder that we need to be open to hearing what is coming out of our mouths, that we need good friends and that there are plenty of people and things in our past that we need to forgive.

Love Portland

I really like this initiative that Imago Dei in Portland started to love their city…

Check out the link:

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Unspeakable Video

Here’s the Human Rights Series Video from Sunday.


There are now 155 people on the HUB (Antioch’s Online Community). It’s just getting started… make sure you’re signed up and have set up your personal profile!!

It’s amazing to me how online peering or networking quickly and easily ties groups, people and churches together with data and personal information!!

I’m currently reading through Wikinomics and am excited about the possibilities of collaboration and creativity in the church. Why shouldn’t the church be out on the front edge of technology??

The Great Pumpkin Chase

The High School Group had their annual “Great Pumpkin Chase” scavanger hunt tonight.

There were 6 different teams that used clues to find different homes where they had to “earn” a clue for finding the next stop.

It’s the second year that we’ve been one of the stops. We went easy on them and only made them pick a style of music and dance for 30 seconds in order to get the next clue.

It was pretty funny!!

Human Rights Series

The human rights sermon series at Antioch kicks off this Sunday…

It’s weird, I feel like this Sunday’s service – more than any other, is what I would want new people to come and be a part of.

It’s not that it’s slick… it’s not because of the music… it’s not because of some super guest or anything like that.

I want people to come to this service because I think they will walk away with the idea firmly planted in their minds that Christianity is a movement. (Isn’t that implied in the words “follow Christ?”) We’re not here to simply sit and pamper ourselves – no matter how much we talk about the bible or practice religiosity. (That is what the Pharisees did).

Our call is a call to service… which is nothing more than love in working clothes.

Our call is a call to go… which is opposed to disinterest or passivity.

Our call is a call to live justly… which means that we must care less about ourselves and more about others.

And if we don’t live out THIS call, God will be set against us… Simply read Isaiah 58 and you’ll understand what I mean.

This upcoming service is all about that call and it is all about the movement that Antioch is on.

So I feel deeply that this is the service I would want people to come to…

Rick McKinley

Just an update:

Rick McKinley, who is the Lead Pastor of the Imago Dei Community in Portland, will be joining us at Antioch on Sunday, January 6th.

We’re excited to have Rick kick off the new year for us instead of speaking Dec. 30th, which was the original plan.

Rick is solid and it should be an amazing time… so if you’re reading this and you are in driving distance (or you have a lot of frequent flyer miles) make sure to mark your calendar!!


Last Sunday was the one year anniversary for Antioch public meetings…

Today, I was writing down the date and realized that 10/31 is the anniversary of our license from the state two years ago.

Lest you think our anniversary has to do with Halloween (and therefore Antioch must be jinxed)… I will point out that 10/31 is also the anniversary of the Reformation back in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany.

Anyway, it’s fun to think about the short history of the church and all the good memories!!


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Worship Video

Worship Sunday

I hated missing Worship Sunday… I heard it was amazing.

Anyway, here’s a neat picture of Tom Monson working on his painting during the service.

Nursery Rhymes

I went to my first school related activity tonight. (My oldest daughter, Mary Joy, just started Kindergarten).

It was kind of a musical… the kids sang nursery rhymes and the whole show only lasted 7 minutes. Mary Joy was a superstar!! She sang her heart out and even had her own line… “The moral of the story is…” something like ‘run away from spiders’ or similar.

Here’s a quick pic from the Blackberry… I’m starting to feel like a middle aged dad.

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Hate to miss it…

Just in case you didn’t know, this Sunday is a “Worship Sunday” at Antioch.

Funny thing is I’ll be down in California meeting with a Worship Pastor candidate and won’t get to enjoy the service.

I hate to miss it…

Pink Flamingos

The other day I was teaching at Antioch and I told the story of a friend of mine who checked into a hotel that was having a Pink Flamingo Conference.

It was a whole conference around fanatics and collectors of Pink Flamingos.

Who would have thought that there was a whole sub-culture built around that??

The point I was trying to make was that sometimes Christians become an isolated and irrelevant sub-culture like that of the Pink Flamingos. We get our own radio stations, book stores, ways of talking and everything else that isolates us from others. We’re tickled pink, but we don’t intersect with culture in any meaningful way.

Well, someone caught the analogy enough to pick me up these lovely Pink Flamingo glasses.

What a trophy :)

Pretty Funny


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History Book Club Pick

The next book for the History Book Club is Thomas Cahill’s Mysteries of the Middle Ages.

It seems like we’ve been stuck in a lot of medieval church history lately, but this one should be a fun read. We’ve also decided to take a look at the Church Fathers (2nd – 4th Century Christianity) after this one.

Too much history… too little time :)

Good ol’ Days

I found this picture the other night.

It’s from when I was a camp counselor… I used to dress up like a hippie one day every week when we had the campfire. Those were some good times!!

He’s His Own God

I’m writing a paper on worship and have this little bit that just doesn’t seem to flow with the rest… I thought I’d post it here and clear it out of the article!!

He’s His Own God.

Now here’s where the last little tricky bit comes in. I think we get the picture of God being big and we get the excitement and the delight, but we miss that He’s His Own God.

What I mean is that we see God like the genie in the movie Aladin… He’s big and he’s powerful, which is all really cool and exciting, but the swirl of smoke sweeps down from him to the bottle we’re holding in our hands. The mindset is that he’s not just a big God, he’s my big God. It’s all very wonderful, but only if I’m ultimately in control of everything. He’s exciting, but only if the story revolves around me.

God is his own God… and my inability to delight in something unless I possess it is an immature hindrance.

I remember walking through the rose gardens at the Huntington Library in Pasadena and learning this. I couldn’t allow myself to enjoy the beauty because I wanted it all for myself. I wanted to own the estate and be able to stroll the gardens in the evening sun all by myself. I had to learn how to appreciate goodness and beauty for its own sake and not just because it was mine.

Until we are mature enough to praise God for his beauty without having to possess him, we won’t be satisfied.

One last little thought… if God were under my control then how could anyone else worship him? I’d be bigger than God.

The truth is, God is his own God; and, as such, he is worthy to be praised.

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