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Pursuing Justice
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Pursuing Justice
  • "In Pursuing Justice, Ken is at the cutting edge of where God’s heart is. This book is timely and needs to be read by everyone in the church."

    John M. Perkins, Civil Rights Leader, Founder of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), and Founder of The John Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development

  • "Ken Wytsma has thought boldly about justice that is rooted in God’s own will for the world. He turns the theme in many directions, not unlike a kaleidoscope. Every turn will cause the reader to think in fresh ways, to see new reality, and to find courage for the work of justice that is now so urgent among us."

    Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

  • "Let me be honest: Pursuing Justice is not a feel good book. The truth is that everyone loves the idea of justice . . . until there’s a personal cost or sacrifice. The thing is there’s always a cost to justice. This is an important book because it’s honest, raw, blunt, and most importantly, points us to Christ—which needs to inform and transform our understanding of justice. Thank you, Ken, for reminding us that we can’t just be aware of injustice, we have to pursue justice."

    Eugene Cho, Pastor of Quest Church, Visionary for One Day’s Wages

  • "This book is solid. It is a beautiful, biblical, balanced view of justice. Not popular justice. Not trendy justice. Not cliché justice. Not American justice. But justice as it is clearly taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in all its wholeness and fullness. Ken, who I consider a good friend and champion for the gospel, has set forth a challenge for all followers of Jesus."

    Kevin Palau, President of Luis Palau Association

  • "Ken Wytsma’s Pursuing Justice avoids all the pitfalls of trendiness. It exhibits a deep and accurate understanding of the nature of justice and is a passionate call to obey and imitate God by pursuing justice. It is deeply informed by scripture, rich in personal experience, engagingly written, and not shy of acknowledging that the pursuit of justice may be personally costly, though joyful nonetheless. I have no doubt that for many it will prove to be an eye–opener."

    Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of
    Philosophical Theology, Yale University

  • "Ken’s book will serve as an important guide as the global justice movement matures from sensation-driven reaction into transformational pursuit. Ken has woven a beautiful, intricate tapestry that beckons the reader to lean in closer with every page, and in doing so, be drawn nearer to the heart of justice, which, as Ken so carefully instructs, is the very heart of God. What a gift!"

    Bethany H. Hoang, Director of the International Justice Mission’s (IJM)
    Institute for Biblical Justice

  • "I’m grateful Ken Wytsma is helping shape the conversation about justice. Ken’s multiple callings—teacher, pastor, strategic advisor, entrepreneur, thought leader—have situated him perfectly to refine and clarify biblical justice for a variety of audiences. He is a fresh voice of balance, humility, and collaboration. This book will bless, challenge, and stimulate your thinking."

    Keith Wright, International President of Food for the Hungry

  • "Justice is an everywhere word these days, but all too often it is a word without biblical meaning. Ken Wytsma, a whole-life disciple of Jesus, helps us see that salvation must always include community shalom, that Jesus and justice can never be separated, that Ephesians 2:8–9 always goes on to 2:10. With insightful biblical exposition, rigorous analysis, and powerful stories, he helps us become Jesus followers."

    Gerry Breshears, PhD, Professor of Theology, Western Seminary, Portland, OR

  • "Ken helped me draw nearer to God’s heart and the people He loves. This isn’t a book about doing more justice; it’s a book about being just. Ken refuses to indulge the debates that ask the wrong questions—debates that force either/or positions on justification and justice, atonement and action, faith and works. Pursuing Justice is, at its heart, about right relationships. Ken’s stories will thrill your heart and break your pride. And if you take this book seriously, it might just change your life!"

    Jeremy Courtney, Founder and Executive Director of Preemptive Love Coalition

  • "Inside all of us is the understanding that the world is not the way it should be. There is also a deep sounding somewhere inside that tells us our lives should be about making the world right. In Pursuing Justice Ken Wytsma taps into that inner calling and helps us not only understand Justice, but gives us the handles to become participants in making just communities, neighborhoods, and nations. You need to read this book."

    Rick McKinley, Lead Pastor of Imago Dei Community, Author of Kingdom Called Desire and This Beautiful Mess

  • "Ken Wytsma’s courageous quest to understand the world around him through a deep commitment to God’s ways shines through each page of this personal and thoughtful book. That world is both complicated and deeply unjust, so his writing calls us to face uncomfortable questions about our lives, and to reexamine the part we play in the different communities to which we all belong. It is my prayer that Ken’s work will be rewarded by a true renewal of our love of mercy."

    Peter Harris, Co-Founder and President, A Rocha International

  • "Pursuing Justice is an expansive, brilliant book. Deeply grounded in theology, history, and philosophy, it will help shape and orient our generation’s vital pursuit of justice as we co-labor with Christ in anticipation of the coming fullness of His Kingdom’s Shalom."

    Mike Yankoski, Author of Under the Overpass

  • "Ken has the gift of sharing why his heart beats, and then compelling the rest of us to check for a pulse of our own. Justice should be a concern for every one of us that follow Christ—from the megachurch leaders and the global missionaries, to the stay-at-home moms and soccer dads in the suburbs. God is passionate about making right what is wrong, so we are to be too. Thank you, Ken, for that reminder."

    Tsh Oxenreider, Author of One Bite at a Time, Blogger, and Creative Director of

  • "No matter what faith tradition you subscribe to—or reject altogether—Ken Wytsma’s Pursuing Justice will rattle you. Not since C. S. Lewis put down his pen have readers been so provoked to think. Read Pursuing Justice with caution because it will change the way you approach others."

    Karen Spears Zacharias, Author of A Silence of Mockingbirds and
    Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?

  • "For those of us stumbling to follow Jesus from the traditions of white evangelicalism, no question is more important today than how to pursue justice. Ken Wytsma is an honest, earnest disciple who has given himself to this pursuit without reservation. Like a first century Peter, he’s engaged in a no-holds-barred pursuit of Jesus AND justice. Witnessing his passion, I can almost hear Jesus saying again, “On this rock I’ll build my church.” "

    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Author of The Awakening of Hope

  • "Justice is a buzzword in today’s discourse, but Ken Wytsma brings to the conversation a comprehensive biblical understanding of how justice is closely related to grace, forgiveness, and mercy. Pursuing Justice eloquently demonstrates how shalom is only possible when the source of justice is Christ, the just judge and restorer of brokenness."

    Dr. Célestin Musekura, President and Founder of African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries, Inc. (ALARM)

  • "Justice is not a new fad to attract the disenchanted, nor an optional component to the message of Jesus. It is central to who God is and must therefore radiate from all that his people do. As a pastor, prophetic voice, and entrepreneurial pragmatist, Ken Wytsma does a superb job of outlining why and how we, the people of God, must reflect his self-giving love and pursue justice."

    Nathan George, Founder of Trade as One

  • "Pursuing justice is often a difficult task for many Christians in the United States—specifically as the tangles of our busy lives, or the self doubt of whether we can actually make a difference, prevent us from taking action. This book offers not only critical insights into a theology of justice but also concrete and practical ways of how to act justly. Ken weaves poignant historical stories of justice with striking insights of current day issues. Pursuing Justice is a powerful equipping tool every Christian should read!"

    Jenny Yang, Director of Advocacy and Policy, World Relief, Co-Author of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate

  • "From the vantage point of a president of a theologically conservative seminary, it appears that many of my fellow conservative evangelicals tend to have a flawed and narrow view of the word “justice.” Using sound theology, compelling reasoning, and an accessible style, Ken Wytsma not only brings us back to a biblical understanding of justice, but also humbly calls us to pursue it in practice."

    Randal Roberts, President of Western Seminary, Portland, OR

Pursuing Justice
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