Okay, since most of my friends already know and are teasing me mercilessly, I figured I’d come clean and deny them the pleasure of getting to tell anyone else ;)

The other night I went to pick up my car in front of the Regal since I had left it overnight. I couldn’t find it so I went home and called to find out where it had gotten towed and why. The dispatcher informed me that it hadn’t gotten towed and sent a squad car to my house to take a stolen vehicle report.

Here’s the unfortunate part. I had half a dozen friends over at the house when the police arrived. The officers sat at my kitchen table and even watched the end of the Seattle Seahawks game with us before leaving.

Twenty minutes later I received a phone call letting me know that they had located my “stolen” car – it was sitting right where I parked it in front of the Regal.

There was nowhere to hide and no way to talk myself out of it.

I even made the mistake of telling everyone that the police officer joked with me and said that he was “calling off the cavalry.”

I guess I’ll learn a little humility through the whole thing :)



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