Drawing Class

Connie Gabbert is teaching this Spring’s Art Practicum class at Kilns College. Connie is an accomplished artist (and new mother) and will be teaching basic drawing. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sketch, draw or illustrate – now is your chance!! Just go to and click on “register now.” Spring classes start …

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More Artwork

Here’s some more artwork that came my way!! High Schooler Lindsey Brown drew this of the High School group leaders for a year end “thank you” card. From left to right: Kip Jones, Kristin Jones, Lauren Yoho and Evan Hendrix


One of the crazy things about having so many artists in the church, is all the little drawings and sketches I come across. Here’s Tom Monson’s creative doodle from this past Sunday’s bulletin.  He turned the “och” in Antioch into an octipus. Crazy!  Have you ever seen such detail and shading in a little church …

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The Psalms

I love what Augustine calls the Psalms in chapter 9 of his Confessions: “Outbursts of devotion with no room in them for the breath of pride!” Outbursts of devotion. I could think about that phrase for quite a while. What do outbursts of devotion look like in our lives… in my life? Was the capacity …

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Kids Art Book

I’m not really involved in this one all that much, but I think it is pretty darn cool. The Antioch Kids Art Book is going to be a collaboration of art work from students within the church put into actual book form. (Can you see all the Christmas presents that grandparents will be getting?!) Here’s …

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Art Book

Yesterday was the launch of Antioch’s Art Book. The Art Book was the brainchild of Gary Christenson and Kim Hunt as a way to network artists and get artwork from within the congregation out into a visible format. The book is 188 pages full color and sells for $50. Hands down… it is one of …

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