I’ve been thinking about communication a lot lately.

I think that communication is the greatest medicine to relational stress, conflict and misunderstandings. In other words, communication is of grave importance in the spiritual side of life. (And since I think everything is spiritual or affected by the spiritual, it is also important for the physical side of life.)

Anyway, my thoughts haven’t really produced any grand ideas or plans; but, rather, they have surfaced some of the tensions that exist all around us.

For example, I believe our generation is one of the worst for handling conflict maturely. It is rare that we take our issues face to face with the person in question. We rarely give others the benefit of the doubt and realize there are two sides to every story. And lastly, we get offended so easily!

The other tension is the role stress and lack of time play in the area of effective communication. We are, by most accounts, the busiest generation ever. We are relationally isolated, overworked and over-entertained. Meaningful dialogue is hard to come by and it is especially hard when it involves difficult and mature conversation like conflict resolution and confrontation.

My thoughts, like they often do, remain a jumbled mess. The upside of this is that I usually have to pray about it all in order to move on with my day. So this morning I prayed for our church… that we might rise above cultural norms and find a rich biblical maturity in our conversations and how we resolve conflict. My prayers, and my fears, moved beyond our church and I prayed for myself… that I would grow in biblical maturity and the ability to communicate and resolve conflict wisely, justly, and quickly.

The lesson I get from Jesus’ prayer for unity in John chapter 17 is this: God has to step in and do something pretty amazing for a bunch of messed up people to live and walk in unison!!

Let’s keep praying :)



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