Fundraising Mode

We’ve run into a seating crunch at Antioch.

I suppose that it is another one of those “good problems to have“!!

The team began brainstorming last week about what we can do to create more seating — there were lots of creative ideas like a second service, a live feed overflow service, multiple sites, staggered services etc. etc.

The problem is that each solution has a price tag associated with it. Ministry takes money (even though I wish it didn’t!!)

So I’m back in fundraising mode for the first time in a year.

I hate fundraising… it might have the word “fun” at the beginning, but it’s anything but.

So… if there is anyone out there who can pray like Elijah, or wave the staff like Moses, or trample down giants like David or just plain knows some people with the gift of giving who would love to help out a young and needy church… let me know!! :)



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