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Looking forward to our friend Marcel Serubungo being in town with us next week for the Justice Conference. Marcel is a pastor and also works for the World Relief office in Goma, Congo with food security and community care groups. One of the most all time convicting lines I’ve heard came from Marcel – “If …

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Trip Recap

I’ve been given a bunch of  pictures this week that were taken during my time in Cambodia. The trip has also been on my mind a lot… For a sad article on sex tourism in Cambodia, see this BBC News Piece. A few people have asked me about a trip recap.  Here’s a link to …

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World Relief

I was on a conference call with a sub-committee of the World Relief Board of Directors yesterday and started getting excited about having so many World Relief friends out in a few weeks to Bend. A lot of the staff, board of directors and various partner churches are making it out for the Justice Conference …

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I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. I think gratitude – thankfulness, appreciation, value – has a very underrated foundational role in virtue and vice. Legalism, the kind of self-righteous Christianity that is all about control, guilt, power, pride and perfection, really has beneath it a sick and hollowed out sense of gratitude.  Grace …

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Paul’s Room

Check out this picture of the inside of Paul Crouse’s dorm room at Moody Bible Institute!! Paul was an Antioch Summer Intern this past year and famous around these parts for the chalk drawing he did on the streets of Bend as a promo for the upcoming Justice Conference. For this piece he tweaked a …

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Chalk Art

Here’s a pic of a chalk art drawing that Antioch intern, Paul Crouse, did this past week at the end of a street in Bend. Paul did the piece as a part of a time-lapse video promoting the Justice Conference in February. I’m blown away by the talent of the interns this summer… simply amazing!!

Holy Tension

I’ve been thinking tonight about the difference between holy tension (tension over injustice and unrighteousness) and idealistic tension (tension over the gap between my expectations and reality.) Both cause stress.  Both aim at a better reality.  Both extend beyond our realm of control and become subject of prayer. One, however, seeks to align us with …

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