Quotes on Humility from Andrew Murray

Quotes on Humility | Andrew Murray

Humility: The Journey Toward Holiness, by Andrew Murray, is one of my favorite books. After taking a recent spin through it again I thought I’d share a few of Murray’s quotes on humility:

“Humility is the consent of the creature to let God be all, the current of itself to his working alone.”

“It is not something that we bring to God, or that he bestows; it is simply the sense of entire nothingness that comes when we see how truly God is everything. When the creature realizes that this is a place of honor, and consents to be—with his will, his mind, and his affections—the vessel in which the life and glory of God are to work and manifest themselves, he sees that humility is simply acknowledging the truth of his position as creature and yielding to God His place.”

“Christ was nothing so that God might be all–and it was his source of perfect peace and joy.”

“It is only when we, as the Son, truly know and show that we can do nothing of ourselves that God will do everything.”

“The root of all virtue and grace, of all faith and acceptable worship, is that we know that we have nothing but what we receive, and bow in deepest humility to wait upon God for it.”

“It is only by the indwelling of Christ in His divine humility that we can become truly humble”

“It is not sin, but grace, that will make me know myself as a sinner…it is only grace that works that sweet humility that becomes joy to the soul as its second nature.”

Here are some notable quotes from other theologians included in the book:

“The more humble a man is in himself, the more obedient toward God, the wiser will he be in all things, and the more shall his soul be at peace.” Thomas A Kempis

“Should you ask me: What is the first thing in religion? I should reply: the first, second, and third thing therein is humility.” Augustine



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