Here’s a piece that Matt Smith wrote for the new Q&A Service based on Martin Luther and the Reformation.


In 1517 the sun rose on Castle Church and faded into All Hallow’s Eve

With shadows black like doubt growing over history


Martin Luther was a man dressed in black at the Wittenburg door

With a monk soft smile and a heart at war


His two hands, ink stained black, gripping one mallet, one nail

One hope that hoped somehow God would prevail


Years before when he began to wrestle with the jaded barbs of truth

They tore at his skin and robbed him of his youth


But inside every scar there was an answer that was a thought

That was a question that was bought


With the courage to ask why God’s children settle for oppression

When there is freedom waiting inside the question


So his ninety-five thoughts were spread out and thin

Just shapes like letters on pages in the wind


The rebellious pastor pounded his theological frustration

Into the papal heart in the name of education


And demanded boldly that new voices engage a conversation

Around love and truth and restoration


Indeed it looked like treason and dissension and the height of blasphemy

To question the unquestionable hierarchy of authority


But when ignorance becomes the sacred tradition

Perhaps the saints are called to sedition


:redux / re-turn / re-think / re-store / re-enter the conversation –

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