I’ve been getting ready for a relaunch meeting that we have tonight… The plan is to brainstorm the new 8:00 service as well as other fun things associated with the ramp up for fall with a group of volunteers who stepped up to help.

Here’s what is crazy though… the lowest energy point for a church (late summer) comes right before the highest energy point for a church (when school gets back in the fall).

So the reality is that people are tired with a whole lot still to do.

The transition into fall has got to be the hardest one in the life of churches. It is a lot like playing a double-header… you finish one game and then turn right around and gear up to start all over again.

Needless to say, having a group of people volunteer to help with the relaunch has been a tremendous encouragement.

(I’m also committed to helping our overworked staff get some kind of Christmas bonus this year!! :)



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