12 Reasons I’m Excited for Philly 2013

The Justice Conference 2013

Here are my Top 12 Reasons Why I am Excited about The Justice Conference 2013

  1. Nicholas Wolterstorff’s 20 minute talk on the relationship between Love and Justice. Who hasn’t wondered about that one? The preeminent Christian Philosopher on Justice answering an intriguing and relevant question.
  2. The panel discussion with John M. Perkins to close out the conference on the question, “What is the future of justice?” Dr. Perkins is in his eighties and has been a civil rights leader and leading voice in the church on community development, race and reconciliation for a long time. With justice becoming a trendy word, I’m fascinated to hear John Perkins, Stephan Bauman from World Relief and Lisa Sharon Harper address where we’ve been, where we’re at and where we’re going with regard to justice, advocacy and justice conversations.
  3. Forty-five pre-conference sessions, including many for the first time with conference keynote speakers, taking part in the pre-conference breakouts. Eugene Cho on setting vision for your non-profit, Richard Twiss on how to see native peoples, a panel discussion on race and diversity (or lack thereof) in evangelical conferences and so much more!
  4. Michael Gungor, Sarah Groves and many others joining as guest musicians! Michael Gungor will be closing the Friday night session and opening up the Film Festival premier fifteen minutes later!
  5. The Blogger Panel discussion and Clair Diaz-Ortiz speaking on Twitter and the Common Good in pre-conference and a short 5 minute interview from the main stage.
  6. New friends Peter Harris, a Brit with a big heart and amazing accent and co-founder of A Rocha – the leading Christian Conservation organization in the world and Jeremy Courtney, co-founder of Preemptive Love specializing in bringing needed heart surgeries to children in Iraq and building bridges between communities and countries at odds through love. Both these guys are among God’s saints.
  7. The first ever Justice Film Festival around the conference allowing the arts to speak into advocacy – what we call Creative Advocacy.
  8. 200 exhibitor organizations in the Exhibition Hall for exposure, networking and collaboration. The Exhibitor Hall alone is reason enough for attending the conference!
  9. Several books from Thomas Nelson, IVP and other publishers launching at the conference and carried in the massive conference bookstore and resource area.
  10. Chai Ling, one of the student organizers of Tiananmen Square in China, founder of All Girls Allowed against gender discrimination in China. History, a fascinating story, advocacy and a Christian testimony all in one. I can’t wait!
  11. Sheryl Wudunn, co-author of Half the Sky and first Asian-American Pulitzer Prize Winner speaking on gender worldwide and the Half the Sky Movement
  12. Pre-conference sessions on theology, immigration, the Congo, anti-trafficking, Christian Conservation, social media and so much more!



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