We All…

We all need a break sometime

We all could use some comfort food

We all can use a breakthrough every now and then

We all would like some change

We all have books we wish we had read or could read

We all have places we’d like to travel to

We all wish we could go back and relive some things… spend more time with kids or choose a different path

We all hate the feeling of being misunderstood

We all have good days and bad days

We all tend to forgive ourselves quicker than we do others

We all have blind spots

We all find it hard to be perfect and live up to everyone’s expectations

We all struggle with finding the time or energy to pursue God more

We all have doubts

We all have fears

We all –deep down- want the approval or respect of our father

We all want to know secrets

We all want to know what happens next

We all have things in common… we all need affirmation



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