Why are you always giving me your resume?


I was remembering one of my favorite movie scenes today.

It was in the Tom Cruise movie A Few Good Men co-starring Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson.

Demi Moore plays an insecure female lawyer who is always trying to prove herself to Tom Cruise’s character who is a brash and successful military lawyer.

At one point in a pizza restaurant, Cruise finally turns to Moore and says, “Why are you always giving me your resume?”

I think it is a perfect picture of the insecure life… the life that is always trying to portray itself, define itself and sell itself.

It is something that I feel I am seeing more and more lately. Everywhere I turn, it seems that people are desperately trying to project an image that will gain them acceptance. It is not the kind of life that God had in mind for us to live…

The Psalmist talks over and over again that God’s love is unfailing and enduring. In other words, it is perfect and it lasts. It is sufficient and constant. It knows us completely and holds us securely.

We are conditioned to look for love from other people, but their love is never quite good enough or sufficient. It is fickle, inconsistent and unstable.

Fashionable clothes, a great MySpace page, the right joke or sarcastic put down, popular friends or a great career will not ground us in life. It might feel like “Image is Everything,” but it isn’t. An insecure heart needs medicine, not a masquerade ball.

So instead of chasing our tails in the image game… instead of always trying to drop our resume… instead of always trying to score points, Jesus counsels us to come to him and find rest. He encourages us to find safety in his flock. He tells us to find the love of the Father through him.

Jesus wants us to know peace and security instead of fear and insecurity. In short, he wants us to know God.



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