What you see is what you get…

What you see is what you get...

I’ve grown tired and frustrated, lately, at the seemingly regular moral failings of Christian leaders who were thought to be trustworthy and above reproach. Far too often we find out that what we saw is not what we got.

I pity these men and I feel a great degree of compassion for their families.

As a leader, however, I ask questions like “what can be done to rebuild trust in Christian leaders,” “how do we learn from this” and “what can churches do differently.”

As a result of the most recent moral failure of a high profile Christian leader, I decided to make a policy decision at Antioch. People need to know that the leaders of our church don’t just look credible on the outside, but that they actually are trustworthy and credible. Our congregation needs more than just words and subjective opinions — they (you) need something tangible and objective. You need to feel like you know the leaders are who they claim to be.

The policy is this: that pastors and elders install an accountability program (www.x3watch.com) on their computers – home & work, that sends monthly reports of potentially questionable websites to 2 accountability partners (the leader’s wife and another member from within the leadership circle).

(The program also notifies the accountability partners if it is turned off or tampered with).

Antioch’s three current pastors and two “unofficial” elders have all agreed and installed X3Watch on their computers. Any future leader will have to agree to do so as well or will be unable to accept a leadership position.

The program is not overly invasive… but to me it is a moot point. Leadership is a privilege and not a right. Leaders make sacrifices in order to be able to serve others. Any leader who’s heart is in the right place and has nothing to hide will in no way be inconvenienced by this (as none of the current leaders were).

The bottom line is simply this… we have implemented an objective means of guarding our leaders from slipping into a double life. We can go one step further beyond opinions and sentiment in saying that we know our leaders are solid, credible and above reproach.

… and you can breath a little easier knowing, that in regard to the leaders at Antioch, what you see is what you get.



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