So here’s a quote from a Congolese gang rape victim being interviewed by Ted Koppel of Dateline in response to the question, “Why can you be so candid with me in sharing your very personal story” – after she talked about the diseases she received and losing her family and kids as a result of …

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So I’ve had this thought in my head all day… What if the difficult times we’re going through loosens jobs and routines just enough so that some people can finally change course and pursue the dreams that they’ve always had, but could never fit in? I guess I’m thinking it would be such an interesting …

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Psalm 42

This morning Dennis Keating preached on Psalm 42 at Antioch. It was hands down one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard on suffering, doubt and waiting on God. I thought I’d pass along the link to the webcast… just click here.

The Problem of Evil

I gave a talk this last Wednesday at the local Apologetics Guild meeting. It was a ton of fun and sparked some good follow up discussion. You can catch the audio at the following link:

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