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After looking for over a year Antioch finally signed on a 4,700 sq/ft office space in the Old Mill last week!!

The top 3 greatest things about the new office space:

1. We’re out of the old office space (we were in three separate offices with storage behind doors and multiple people sharing desks. I can’t believe we lasted this long!)

2. There is a 1,600 sq/ft open room that will be used for middle school, high school and interns. This is the first time that we’ve had space for our student ministries. (As one of the board members Tim Hardin said, “It’s everything you’d need for a church minus a sanctuary!”)

3. We’re sub-leasing a large portion of this to several artists in Antioch — not only will it help with the rent, but the synergy and creativity in that space is going to be off the chart!!



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