Antioch Year in Review

The Antioch staff has been compiling various figures and statistics for our Annual Year End Report.

At lunch today with the pastors, we couldn’t stop talking about how cool some of this stuff is.

I thought I’d share a sneak peek of some of the list ahead of time so everyone could check it out.

Here ya go – Antioch Year in Review!


Right now Antioch has 20 active Home Churches that meet during the week

The Antioch Sermons and Music videos on Vimeo have had 19,148 plays and 166,887 loads in 2010

Redux videos were watched in 124 different countries this year

There were 119,000 loads of Redux videos in 2010

The iBand Christmas Video has been shared on Facebook 553 times in two weeks

The Antioch iPhone App has been downloaded 237 times in the last 9 weeks

$34,800 was given in love offerings to people in our church and community during 2010

The highest number of people at an Antioch event was 1,100 on Christmas Eve 2010

Antioch took its first team to work with trafficking victims at the House of Hope in Nicaragua in 2010 and the second team is scheduled for April 2011

There was an average of 463 adults in services at Antioch in 2010

Four of Antioch’s staff members began as interns

This year we expect to have 18 different Colleges or Universities represented in our summer internship program

There were 98,307 visits to Ken’s blog in 2010

Did you know? There were 53 new volunteers in Antioch kids in 2010

Over the course of a month, the Antioch Kids program sees an average of 300 different kids in the Sunday morning programs

Did you know? The Antioch Internship Program has grown by 166% each year

Antioch opened a World Relief BEND office in collaboration with World Relief in August

Kid to adult ratio at Antioch: 1:3 people at Antioch are under the age of 16! 

In 2010 Antioch hosted its first ever Parenting Conference

Over the 4-year history of Antioch we have had 56 interns.

The Antioch Choir has doubled to 28 people over the course of 2010

In 2010 Antioch released Vol. 1 of ‘Live at the Kilns’ and The Antioch Christmas Album

Did you know? The Congo Benefit Concert at The Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID put on by Antioch in conjunction with our Congo Benefit CD Project raised 10K in one night

Did you know? There is now a live dramatic series in Jumpstart called Jumpstart Junction that is performed once a month!

Antioch Kid’s received over $20k in donations this year, which went towards the Antioch Parenting Conference, a face lift for the nursing mom’s room, partitions for Jump Start classrooms in the Commons, a large commercial vehicle to haul all Antioch Kids supplies, kids ministry decor, an Antioch Kid’s Philosophy video, volunteer training and equipment for an Antioch Kid’s worship team

Numbers of babies born at Antioch in 2010: There have been 29 babies born within the Antioch Community!

Did you know? There have been 7 children adopted this year within the Antioch Church family! (Bon, James/Aiden, Capell babies, baby Vlach, Ozzie, Abeni)



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