Baker Street Irregulars

The name Baker Street Irregulars has had a long history.

Among other things, the name was used of the special operations group tasked by Winston Churchill to “set Europe ablaze” during World War II.

The original irregulars were a group of fictional characters featured in the Sherlock Holmes stories, first appearing in the novel A Study in Scarlet (1886). They were a group of street urchins who helped Holmes out from time to time.

Most notably, however, the name was used for a group of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts that included men like Franklin Deleno Rousevelt.

What is intruiging to me is how much I like when a group is called by a name.

Call me strange, but I loved the “The Dead Poet’s Society” in the movie by the same name and have always been fascinated by C.S. Lewis’s group called “The Inklings.”

If you’re going to be a cool group you have to have a cool name!!

A friend of mine and I kicked it around a couple of years back and were going to have a group called “The Tweed Jacket Society” so that we could sit around in tweed jackets and smoke pipes. Other than getting a cheesy tweed jacket from Good Will with arms way too short — it never went anywhere.

Anyway, I’m kind of thinking that it’d be cool to pull together a group of friends into some kind of semi-secret society just so we can name ourselves.

Any Baker Street Irregulars out there who like the name thing — or am I just weird??



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