Blue Eyes and Passwords

Blue Eyes and Passwords

So here are a couple of random things I learned tonight :)

  • Blue eyes are supposedly more sensitive to light. I’ve always thought this must be true (I can’t handle bright light), but now I know!
  • That John Piper’s passwords all end in 827 (a reference to his favorite verse: Romans 8:27)
  • That on May 24, 1738, John Wesley was at a meetinghouse on Aldersgate Street in London. Wesley was listening to Martin Luther’s Preface to Romans when, in his journal he would write, that his heart was strangely warmed. (Amazing how every great Christian has a defining moment in their life!)
  • The original computer back in 1946 weighed 30 tons!
  • The world future society predicts that by the year 2020, human knowledge will double every seventy-three days! (My eyes hurt already!)

I also had the thought that I must forget about 90% of what I learn… I wish that life was like the first Matrix movie where you could download information straight into your head :)



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