Daniel Wallace

Just confirmed that Daniel Wallace is going to be teaching at Antioch and doing Redux on Sunday, January 9th! For those of you who don’t know, Dan Wallace is pretty much the man!! He’s a New Testament Manuscript expert (one of the top few in the world) and wrote the book (literally, as I used …

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Redux Page

Check out the new Redux page on Facebook!! Click here or on the image below. Redux starts at 11:15 a.m. Sundays.  This week Luke Hendrix, Executive Pastor at Imago Dei in Portland, will be joining us for Q&A.

New Redux Time

Excited about the new service time for Redux this Sunday. Already had a bunch of questions come in… “The Manhattan Declaration,” “Church,” “Calvinism” etc.  Gonna be a bunch of fun!!

Sock Drive

We’ve been collecting socks at Redux on Sunday mornings.  We turned in close to 1,000 Powerbars to Neighbor Impact last month and hope to turn in the same amount of socks next month. It’s fun to meet together and “do good” all at the same time on Sundays. Click here or on the picture below …

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I had a chance to catch up with Matt Smith on the phone today.  Matt is in Chicago with Brandon meeting intern applicants for Antioch’s summer intern program. He said something really cool… that the Redux service (Q&A Service) just really connects with the college students they are meeting.  He thinks it speaks to the …

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Redux Mailer

Check out this super huge proof of a Redux postcard mailer that’ll be going out soon. Nate and JC cooked up the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a print piece – the picture is actually a metallic ink that makes the Redux picture look different from different angles (can’t tell from this picture). Anyway, …

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Redux Ad

We don’t do a ton of marketing at Antioch, but someone called us with some free ad space for a Northwest Crossing magazine here in Bend. Turns out they go to print today and a paid advertisement backed out leaving a nice spot they were willing to give to a non-profit. Here’s a little Redux …

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PowerBar Drive

Here’s the first installment of the PowerBar Drive. 30 Gallons of PowerBars and misc. Energy Bars. Love seeing the Redux service contributing to Neighborhood Impact just from what we gather meeting together on Sundays!!

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