Change for a Dollar

When we started the Redux service at Antioch last year, we started collecting donations for various items at the service.  In fact, we tried to almost require it.

Water bottles, socks, canned food etc. Our thought was to develop a habit of creating good out of the times we meet as Christians.

It worked pretty good for a while, but the type of items made it cumbersome.

Then this fall we found out some friends of ours in Portland were pursuing a similar goal – creating good out of each service – by doing something called “Change for a Dollar.”

The idea is simple, there are buckets for people to put a dollar bill in each and every Sunday.  No more (if so, it’ll go to the offering) and no less (we’re not taking loose change).  The money collected each week will be given to a mature person in the church to invest in the people of Bend.  The schoolteacher who knows of the child who needs a backpack. The social worker who knows of the single mom who can’t pay for heat.  The city council member who knows the need of a homeless camp.

Change that comes from dollars.

We literally create, as a community each week, change for a dollar.

It rises and falls, not on the size of the donation, but on the amount of people who engage.

I love it.

Start bringing a buck to Antioch on Sundays and stay tuned for stories of change.



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