Christianity and the Environment

Christianity and the Environment

One of the things I love at Antioch is the diversity of personalities and passions.

This last week I’ve been brainstorming with Rick Gerhardt about what Antioch can do for Earth Day. Rick and I both share a common passion to see Christianity lead in areas like the environment rather than ignore areas like the environment.

Christians believe two things that make me feel this is important: (1) the earth and all of nature is God’s creation and possession; and, (2) we have been put in a stewardship (caretaker) role over creation and all that’s in it.

If something belongs to God and we are responsible for it, then it seems to follow that we should take it serious! So why has Christianity lagged behind just about every other group in this area?

Anyway, I’m excited to have people like Rick on the team. Their passions are shaping the church into something I’m proud to be a part of.



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