This week we added two more e-newsletters to the mix. There is a new monthly newsletter for parents and children’s workers in the Antioch Kids program as well as a regular newsletter for the college.

In the next couple of weeks we will add another as well… what we are calling a “V-Newlsetter” that spotlights volunteers and service opportunities.

I’m pretty excited about the upswing in communication. A friend of mine has a saying that “in the absence of communication, people expect the worst.” Basically, the less people know the more critical they will be and the more wrong assumptions they will make.

It is like the old saying, “People are down on what they’re not up on!”

It’s kind of like a room that is poorly lit. The less light the less visibility… the more light the more visibility. I kind of think that communication in a church is like lighting up the room and making things more visible.

Every church I’ve ever worked at (or heard about) fights an uphill battle with communication. Some ministries put the responsibility on the congregation — “it is your job to find out what is going on.”

I tend to think that it is the staff’s responsibility to try and over communicate. We’re the ones with our hands on the light switch.

Anyway, with all the new newsletters we’re kind of saying, “let there be light!”



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