I watched the movie “Religulous” the other day.

It is an overtly anti-Christian / anti-religious documentary that seeks to point out the ridiculous nature of religion and religious people.

The hard part for me — I agreed with 90% of it.

Why do Christians have to be so weird? If Bill Maher was making a documentary in Jesus’ day he would have interviewed many of the religious leaders and Pharisees and come to some of the same conclusions that Jesus himself held.

The most difficult part of my job as a church planter hasn’t been working with non-religious, non-Christian or flat out pagan people… it has been interacting and working with Christians themselves.

Many of the non-religious people that I know and talk to are actually more interested in real answers and authentic faith than a lot of Christians who are either legalistic or self absorbed.

Don’t get me wrong… not all Christians are weird, legalistic or self absorbed.

The problem is that none of them should be.

The problem is that those who are are usually blind to it.

The problem is that those who are are usually the most vocal, time consuming and undiplomatic in the crowd.

The problem is that there is too much truth in Bill Maher’s documentary.



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