It’s a crazy world!!

We arrived in Uganda this morning and while the team was filling out lost bag forms (that’s right… they won’t get here till Saturday!) I hopped in a Land Rover with John Hornbeck from Sisters Church and was wisked away to go and meet the First Lady of Uganda (Janet Museveni).

I had on jeans and a plain shirt, so while John changed into his nice clothes they went and bought me a bright gold double breasted jacket to clash with the tan pants I borrowed.

So there I was… meeting the President’s wife and looking like quite the fashion statement. John Hornbeck couldn’t stop laughing.

I’ll be heading up to Kapchorwa first thing in the morning and rejoining the team there. They headed up straight from the airport along with the rest of the team from Sisters Church.

I’ll be sitting around wondering “what next” in my two day old clothes for a couple (or three) more days.

What a wild beginning to a trip!!!



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