Just wishing…

presents-treeHave you ever found that the more you think about getting gifts — the more you think about getting gifts?

It’s a vicious cycle!!

So anyway, in thinking about things that I’d like, I also found myself thinking about things I’d like for Antioch.

So here is the (unofficial) Antioch Christmas Wishlist:

    1. That God would bring us the mysterious “4th Pastor” that the leadership has been praying about for a year…
    2. That we would find someone who loves creating PowerPoint slides (for announcements etc.) and would like to take it on as a ministry…
    1. That God would drop $20,000 into our laps so that we could move into offices in the Old Mill District where the church meets (I know, it’s a pretty big wish :)
    1. That God would help us get an adequate projector to use for the theatre so that the worship slides and videos would be clear…
    1. That God would continue to draw artists to Antioch (I love creative people!!)
    1. That 60% of our church would find themselves in small groups beginning in January…
  1. Lastly, that the church would continue to grow as a community who loves, enjoys and can’t wait to spend time with each other :)



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