Launch of World Relief NEXT

The World Relief NEXT project is going to be launching here in Bend in the next two weeks. It’s as cool of a thing as I’ve ever seen!!

One of the goals is to create a collaboration of northwest churches that can be more meaningfully involved in missions through collaboration than alone.

Below is the e-mail that Ann Mara sent to local pastors inviting them to a special luncheon. Make sure to holler if you would like to find out more information for your church!!


Dear I am writing to invite you to lunch on December 4th, at 1pm, at the Pastini Restaurant, in the Old Mill Shopping District.

As we prepare to launch the World Relief NEXT Project ( here in Bend, we would welcome an opportunity to sit down with you and explain our vision and goals, and to see how we can enter together into a collaborative approach towards global missions.

We will be joined by our esteemed friend and colleague Emmanuel Ndikumana, who will be visiting Bend from Burundi, East Africa. We invited Emmanuel to help us launch the World Relief NEXT Project, and to communicate his view on Missions from an African perspective. Emmanuel is a graduate of All Nations Christian College in the UK, and holds a B.A. (Hon) degree in Biblical and Intercultural studies and an M.A. degree in Aspects of Christian Missiology.

We hope that you are able to make this luncheon, and if you cannot, that you would suggest someone else in your place. Please RSVP by December 2nd, to this address.

Many thanks,
Ann Mara.(Project Manager)
[email protected]



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