Loving God with Our Minds

Loving God with our minds

I had a message that I was going to give this past Sunday on Loving God with Our Minds, which I ended up not giving so that I could address another topic.

The main thrust of what I had intended to say, however, was simply that Jesus actually meant it when he said to love God with our minds. I’m not a big fan of fluff Christianity. If the Christian message is true, we should try to know it and teach it at a higher level than mere self-help psychology. If it is true, we should go deep and use our minds.

I thought it would be worth passing on two book recommendations about (1) how the life of the mind was devalued by Evangelicals in the 20th century, and (2) how we need to recapture the strong intellectual heritage which has so often characterized Christian scholarship and the Christian church.

The first book is by Mark Noll called The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. This book is a classic and a must-read for Christian thinkers. The second is more recent and equally as interesting, Full Gospel, Fractured Minds?: A Call to Use God’s Gift of the Intellect, by Rick Nanez.

Pick up either of these and get excited about fascinating historical surveys as well as a compelling call to love God with all your mind!



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