Luther Would Be A Blogger

LutherI’ve been doing a lot of study on Martin Luther for a message that I’m going to give a week from Sunday. It made me begin thinking about Luther & Blogging…

Luther touched off the Reformation in the year 1517 through the publication of 95 complaints against the church. This document (called The 95 Theses) and others writings were translated into German and printed in mass quantities using the new technology of Gutenberg’s printing press. Luther’s ability to spread his ideas was every bit as powerful and influential as the ideas themselves.
I started reflecting on Luther’s use of technology and came to the belief that if Luther were alive today he’d be blogging. Blogging is simply a way to publish at the touch of a button and go global with your thoughts.
Thoughts is actually the name of my blog (Pensees is French for “thoughts” and is also the title of Blaise Pascal’s posthumously published journals).
How about the global part???
Well, in December alone there have been people on this blog from New Zealand, Hawaii, India, Japan, 9 different countries in Europe, Russia and South America.
If he were alive today, I definitely think that Luther would be a blogger…



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