New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a big New Year’s Resolutions kind of guy.  My approach to life is kind of a “you have no idea what will happen next week” sort of thing.  You run hard at what God puts in front of you and you realize that plans, desires, opportunities, difficulties, money and time can all change.

That’s why most resolutions remain such… they are things we say when we are super motivated and reflective, but either aren’t realistically sustainable or accurate reflections of God’s will for our lives.

Having said that, I’ve been thinking about some resolution type ideas for the new year:

I’m going to work on getting out of meetings and conference calls that I don’t need to be in.  Half the meetings that I’m a part of are simply because I’m expected to be a part of them – not because I’m necessary.  I want to change that this year and buy back that time and energy to reinvest in more strategic areas of life.

I’m absolutely committed to reading again.  Don’t look for me to answer my phone or pick up an e-mail in the mornings.  Mornings are my most productive time and I plan to be using them for reading, praying and studying.

I’m going to try and give 80% of my time to leaders and seekers.  Leaders are my calling. Networking, brainstorming with, managing and mentoring leaders is not only my primary responsibility, but I’ve found it is the greatest investment of my time – it is my primary calling in ministry.

Seekers, those who are lost or confused and looking for God and answers, are a universal calling and responsibility for all pastors.  Jesus makes it clear that the one lost sheep is more important than the other ninety-nine who are healthy, safe and well fed (Mt 18).  Spending time with people who are wrestling with faith is a real passion of mine.  The irony in ministry, however, is that the group of ninety-nine are more assertive than the one seeker.  I’ve found that the safe and well fed sheep take up 80% of my time.  I’m really committed this year to shifting that percentage to the margins rather than the middle.  I’m going to try and give 80% of my time to leaders and seekers.  This means that I’ll have to say no to a lot of people and things and that I’ll have to refer a lot of people and things to others members of the Antioch staff – both things that I haven’t always been good at!!

I’m going to try and guard evenings at home and family time with the kids.  Unless it’s date night, a Kilns class or an elder meeting – I plan to be at home with the family.

Communication.  I don’t think most people know half of the amazing things going on right now in and through the Antioch community and I’d love to figure out how to up the communication so that we all get to enjoy the blessing!

There are some of my 2010 thoughts.  I’m really hoping to do a better job managing my time, which seems to get harder and harder the older the kids get!!



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