Privilege & Opportunity

In church yesterday, I closed the message by reading a phrase that I had penned and wanted to make sure I got right.

It was that we far too often respond to serving in a church as a spiritual duty & obligation when it should be a spiritual privilege & opportunity.

Often when I talk to my daughters I try to convey to them that their attitude makes all the difference. That one little thing, how we view stuff or our paradigm, is the hinge point for our commitments and emotions.

In church it is the same thing — if we take ownership and view the ministry as ours then we have the right attitude and we serve out of passion. If we see church wrongly and view it as someone else’s that doesn’t have much to do with me then we either won’t serve or we’ll do it under compulsion.

It reminds me of the mantra we used to say to campers the three summers I worked as a Summer Camp Director. Whenever kids complained or reacted negatively we would say, “You don’t have to… you get to.” It was a cheesy way of telling them to see things differently. And as funny as it sounds (my wife hates the saying), it really did work to confront and reshape paradigms.

Serving in church, if we are looking at it right, is a privilege and an opportunity.

We don’t have to… we get to.



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