Sappy stuff :)

So today is Tamara and my 7th Anniversary.

It’s always funny to remember how quickly we fell in love and got married… we met August 22, started dating September 22, got engaged October 22 and then were married January 15 (I really wanted it to be a week later to keep the whole “22” thing going, but unfortunately we wouldn’t have been able to get away for a honeymoon had we waited a week :)

So anyway, if you’ll forgive me, here’s the sappy stuff :) The Top 7 Best things about my wife!!

  1. She loves God, but even more than that… she trusts God. The deep faith Tamara has is evidenced through her prayer life. Most of the good that happens to me was and is prayed into existence by my wife!!
  2. She sees people for what they are on the inside. She always has. I’ve never met someone who asigns value to other people for what really matters better than Tamara does.
  3. She is creative and adventurous to the core!! No matter how far behind on rest she is, you can still get a twinkle in her eye by the mere mention of an adventure!
  4. She is gracious and forgiving!! (She’s married to me, isn’t she? ;)
  5. She is as passionate and caring a mother as I’ve ever seen. You can tell a lot about someone by how much he or she is willing to sacrifice. Tamara is selfless and those who get close to her can’t help but see it.
  6. She is humble and teachable. Tamara is one of those rare people who is passionately committed to growing and becoming a better person day by day (even though I think she’s light years beyond me!)
  7. She is a loyal friend. I get a front row seat on this one. Tamara would take a bullet for half our close friends and she expends an immense amount of energy praying and rooting for them. Sometimes I wish she’d tell people more about what she does behind the scenes on their behalf, but that’s not why she does it…

I could go on, but I guess I’ll just say that I thank God for Tamara.

P.S. Special thanks to Rich Waller for suggesting I write a Top _ List!!



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