Antioch is planning to have a “relaunch” this September.

Basically, since we will be transitioning out of our first year and into our second, we will move out of being a “brand new church.” What this means is that our last best chance to capture the energy of being a new church plant is the beginning of fall.

So we plan to relaunch… or shift gears. In fact, “shift” is what we’ve decided to call the whole process. I really like the imagery of shifting gears and picking up speed!!

In the end, what we envision is a lot of creativity, newness, buzz, energy and fun. Here’s just some of what will be going on:

  • Small groups will kick off with a bang
  • We’re doing a three week series on the early church out of the book of Acts
  • The college and career group will rebirth with two current groups under one name
  • We’re going to have some fun with video and start making sermon series trailers (like movie trailers)
  • The Middle School and High School should have their own web pages up by September
  • A new formal discipleship program called “Dust” will begin under Brandon Reynolds’ leadership
  • Several Adult Education classes will begin on Sunday mornings
  • We have another “Art Sunday” planned for the end of September
  • And a couple other things that I want to keep secret!! :)

I’ve got an allergy to ruts and routines… so this whole relaunch thing gets me pretty excited. I hope that people rest up in August so that they’ll have plenty of energy for all the fun in September!!



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