The classical greek word for maturity is telios. It also has the connotation of “complete.”

I was thinking about this concept of maturity today as we were driving to the in-laws over in Prineville.

What struck me was to what degree we simply grow older rather than becoming more complete.

Jesus railed against the leaders of his day and even pointed to little children once as an example to them of faith. I’m only 34, but I’ve started thinking that I don’t want to just pass time and lose hair… I want to become more complete as I grow older.

There are several people in my life: Bob Powell, Terry Ranstad, Lee Barton, Bud Burk and others who are examples to me of men who have continued to grow in wisdom and maturity as they have grown older.

My desire and prayer is that I would be like these men.

Like the ancient greek philosophers focused on virtue and wisdom (“philosophy” actually means “love of wisdom) in the pursuit of the good life, may we also grow in maturity (telios) and child-like faith as we follow Christ.



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